Module Title: General Legal Culture

Credits: 10

Brief description of aims and content

This module aims at enabling the trainees to get general knowledge and basic skills in the functioning of common law and civil law legal systems, in international proceedings, and in advanced legal research methods.

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed the module, students should:

  1. know common law and civil law features and be able to differentiate both systems;
  2. know the process by which courts interpret and apply legislation;
  3. understand proceedings conducted before international jurisdictions;
  4. know different sources of legal information and processes of doing legal research;
  5. understand the differences between the main types of online research tools;
  6. distinguish common law and civil law features and practice in both systems;
  7. demonstrate awareness of what materials are available online, where to find them, what materials are only available in print form, and how to find them;
  8. use techniques to save and use retrieved information in their own written work;
  9. demonstrate knowledge of standards for citation of cases and legislation.
  10. perform legal research over all categories of materials (legislation, case law, and secondary materials);
  11. use precedents in interpreting laws