1. Module title: Interviewing

2. Credits: 10

3. Brief description of aims and content

This module aims at enabling students to conduct interviews as advocates, police officers & prosecutions and as judges with clients, suspects, witnesses and victims effectively and efficiently.

4. Learning outcomes

By the end of this module all students should be able to:

  1. understand goals of client-lawyer interview, suspects & witness interview, and court’s interview;
  2.  understand and apply stages of client-lawyer interview;
  3. know the importance of building rapport in a client-lawyer interview;
  4. prepare and plan for client-lawyer interview, suspect& witness interview, and court’s interview;
  5. conduct client-lawyer interview, suspect & witness interview, and court’s interview;
  6. apply questioning and listening techniques;
  7. identify client’s goals and advise;
  8. explore evidence by questioning suspects and witnesses;
  9. make a clear and detailed plan of action for clients;
  10. Translate gathered information on a problem into legal terminology;
  11. Build up a sound and persuasive argumentation to render the best legal advice;
  12. Set up proper case files of each client, suspect &witness interviewed, including basic information of these persons;
  13. Receive clients, suspects, and witnesses independently of age, sex, origin, with courtesy, patience, and compassion