Module 4: Criminal Process and Criminal Justice

Credit: 22.5

Brief description of aims and content

This module aims at enabling the trainees to understand the pre-trial process, criminal dossier preparation, to master the process of selective charge according to the present facts, to be able to link those facts to the laws in force, to evaluate the evidence, and to prepare a criminal defence case. The entire process of a criminal dossier will be discussed, from the stage of preliminary investigations to the stage of execution of penalties decided by the court.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module all students should be able to:

  1. be able to recognize and determine constitutive elements of any offense through selected offenses, to develop the professional competencies to draft a case preparation report based on the assessment made on facts and law submitted by parties, and to identify relevant questions to be asked to parties during the hearing for completing the necessary information the judge needs to draft the final judgment;
  2. Develop oral arguments, preparation, and presentation of an argument in court and preparation of witnesses; to demonstrate an understanding and ability to deal with prima facie issues in a case, to ensure that students can conduct a hearing and can determine sentences and remedies accordingly;
  3. Demonstrate the ability to analyze a case, demonstrate sound legal reasoning skills; draft good judgments which fulfill all requirements to be understood by parties; act independently with clarity, precision of thoughts; gather all material useful for the judgment drafting through case law, internet, books, journals, and other resources, in order to build up the case report;
  4. Be aware of the criminal justice chain.