Module 6: Civil and Commercial Transactions

Credits: 13

Brief description of aims and content

This practical module aims at giving a hands-on experience in the everyday practice of the work as a transactional lawyer. Subjects to be dealt with are land registration, land allocation, lease and land management, land transfer, commercial leases and distribution of household property, incorporation of companies, mergers, and acquisitions, insolvency practices, procedural aspects of intellectual property, financial market, and the use of negotiable instruments.

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed the module, students should be able to:

  • Understand the procedures of land registration transfer;
  • Understand the importance of negotiable instruments in commercial transactions;
  • Understand the role and importance of capital markets in commercial transactions;
  • Understand the procedural aspects of intellectual property;
  • Understand the basics of insolvency practice;
  • Understand companies merging and winding- up practices;
  • Provide advice on land registration and transfer issues;
  • Provide advice on household properties management related matters;
  • Skilfully perform legal due diligence;
  • Draft some special types of agreements like sale, lease, testament, and emphyteutic agreements.