Self-evaluation is always key to success

This was stressed by Honorable Minister of Justice/ Attorney General Busingye Johnston during the official kick off a one-day workshop of ILPD In-house and external Faculty members whose theme was "The Practitioner we want." The workshop took place at Lemigo Hotel on 26th November 2018 where around fifty (50) trainers turned up for a self-assessment session and deliberations on how best they can deliver on their mandate.

The Honorable Minister of Justice said that most of them had seen the ILPD from its inception and had been watching its activities whenever they could to the present day. With more than ten years in operation, the ILPD rightly convened that workshop for the evaluation of its mainstream activities that is delivering legal training. 

He noted that: “It is indeed apt that we reflect on the mission of this institution and the present state of the curriculum, mostly, the Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, the training methodology employed by ILPD trainers, assessment methods and the trainers’ ethical values because this is what will help us to shape and achieve the Practitioner we want."

Gracing the participants with great happiness of the turn ups, Dr. KAYIHURA M. Didas, the Rector of ILPD, highlighted that ILPD is growing day after day not only in infrastructure but also in various programs it is offering. He added that ILPD is going to add four more programs: the Diploma in the Bailiffs Practices, Diploma in Labor Disputes Resolution Practice, Diploma in Procurement Practice and the Diploma in Tax Investigations. He however cautioned that before getting there, the faculty needed to evaluate themselves on how they had been fairing with even the two programs, especially DLP and DLD that they have been offering first.

After a hard work done into groups on different subjects in regard to evaluating the curriculum as it stands today, training methodology, delivery mode, assessment procedures, ethical values of a trainer, as well as for a student at ILPD, and others; the participants recommended the following, among others: Trainers in the same module should be meeting regularly and so as to come up with common adjustments where need be. There need be regular annual meeting of trainers in the same modules; there should be a training of Trainers  organized regularly and ILPD should consider adding more time on the duration of the DLP program.

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