ILPD presented the Draft Curriculum for the Diploma in Bailiffs Practice to its Stakeholders

The presentation was made on 7th December 2018 in a one day workshop at Lemigo Hotel bringing together different stakeholders to exchange ideas on the development of the Diploma in Bailiffs Practices. The workshop brought together different dignitories from Justice Sector, Deans of Faculty of Schools of Law in Rwanda, the Civil Society Organisations, the Local Government Authorities,etc.

In his opening remarks, Honorable Minister of State in charge of constitutional and Legal Affairs-MINIUST, Me.Evode UWIZEYIMANA said that the noble profession of bailiffs should not be practiced by whoever wishes, but only those that are highly knowledgeable, skilled and talented to do so.

He also argued that It has been said that “professionals- the bailiffs” are lacking on a number of issues, among which the ethical and professional conduct. I appreciate the fact that ILPD so far conducts adhoc short trainings for bailiffs. However, it is high time that ILPD goes beyond and starts to offer full initial training programme for bailiffs that shall equip them with all it takes for a professional practice and thereby bridge the gap that has existed  for long”.

Asked about this program, Dr. Kayihura M. Didas, ILPD Rector, said: “The programme focuses on Judgement enforcement procedures, property administration, insolvency and liquidation practices, professional ethics and mediation.”

The Diploma in Bailiffs Practices comes as a result of the 14th National Leadership Retreat that took place from the 25th of February to the 2nd of March 2017 from which, it was recommended that ILPD among others, should focus on teaching different specialised courses relating to the law to enable the specialised skills practice.

ILPD currently offers two major postgraduate Diploma courses: one on Legal Practices (DLP) for judges, prosecutors and lawyers, and the other on Legislative Drafting (DLD) for goverment lawyers and other responsible for drafting legislation.

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