Main Publications

ILPD's publications are standard reference resources for students, legal professionals, policy makers and the legal community in general.

Listed below are some books that have been published by ILPD:

1.      The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 1. Intellectual Property Law, 2013.

2.      The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 2. New Law Governing Contracts in Rwanda, 2013.

3.      The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 3. Rwanda Company Law 2009.

4.      The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 4. Rwanda Law of Security Interests, 2015.

5.      The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 5. Commercial Dispute Resolution

6.      The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 6. Labour Law and Labour Relations in Rwanda, 2015.

7.      Bench book on Gender Based Violence, A practical guide for the adjudication of Gender based violence cases.

Research reports

ILPD's research reports serve as a rapid response to the changing landscape of legal professions and policy making process.

Listed below are some research reports that have been conducted by ILPD:

The impact of gendered legal rights to land on the prevalence and nature of intra- and inter-household disputes. (Free Download here)

Study on the end to end process mapping of the criminal Justice sytem in Rwanda (Free Download here)

Study on the alternative to the imprisonment in Rwanda focusing on the mainstreaming of TIG and best practices guidelines for Judges in the exercise of their discretion when imposing non-custodial sentences. (Free Download here)

Other Publications

ILPD also wants to stay in touch with all of its constituents (students, prospective students, alumni, faculty, staff, Stakeholders and friends of the Institute) to keep them up to date on what's happening at the Institute.

We have a number of publications, including a magazine, which offer in-depth articles and profiles of alumni, faculty members, Institute leaders and students. It also include stories on research, law, trends in legal practice and national and global legal issues.