RICA, ILPD joins forces to strengthen legal expertise and regulatory compliance

Rwanda Inspectorate, Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (RICA) has forged a strategic partnership with the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) to enhance the legal expertise of RICA's staff.

Under this agreement, ILPD will play a pivotal role in providing comprehensive legal training to RICA personnel, equipping them with a deeper understanding of the regulatory framework governing their sector.

The objective is to elevate the professionalism exhibited in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Béatrice Uwumukiza, the Director General of RICA, emphasized the importance of legal knowledge in effectively fulfilling their duties. 

She highlighted that RICA has a multifaceted responsibility, encompassing quality assurance for a wide range of products, from agricultural and livestock goods to construction materials and technology equipment. 

Ensuring the quality of products, whether they are destined for export or domestic consumption, is paramount. Moreover, understanding business competition practices is crucial to instill confidence in investors from outside Rwanda, assuring them that the country adheres to regulatory standards.

Uwumukiza underscored the necessity of having a deep knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations. She expressed her confidence in ILPD's expertise in legal matters and emphasized that partnering with ILPD was a logical step to enhance their legal acumen.

"All these responsibilities, including safeguarding consumer rights, necessitate a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent laws. This is why we have joined forces with ILPD for training, a collaboration that aligns with the government's encouragement of institutional partnerships," he stated. 

RICA employees share their optimism regarding this collaboration, expecting it to significantly enhance their performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Emmanuel Mugabe, a member of the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection at RICA, stated, "ILPD has a wealth of experience in legal interpretation and application. As a government institution responsible for enforcing laws, particularly those related to competition and consumer protection, we believe that this partnership will empower us with valuable legal knowledge and expertise."

He continued, "We deal with numerous consumer and seller complaints. This partnership will better equip us to understand and apply these laws, enabling us to resolve disputes more effectively."

Dr. Yves Sezirahiga, Vice-Rector in charge of academic and research affairs at ILPD, expressed his enthusiasm for providing their services to those seeking legal expertise. He emphasized the common ground between ILPD and RICA in promoting laws governing traders and safeguarding consumer rights, making the partnership highly advantageous.

Dr. Sezirahiga affirmed ILPD's capacity to significantly contribute to RICA's objectives, offering assistance in research endeavors and conducting training sessions on established standards.

As the collaboration approaches its three-month mark, RICA's management is optimistic about the promising results they anticipate from this partnership with ILPD. It is expected to yield positive outcomes as both organizations work together to enhance legal knowledge and promote regulatory compliance.