ILPD Rwanda’s legal horizon: Connecting minds across borders

The Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) in Rwanda is doubling down on its commitment to advancing legal education through strategic partnerships. This pledge was made on December 5, 2023, following productive discussions between the ILPD management and a delegation from the Uganda Law Development Center.

Dr. Muyoboke Karimunda Aime, the Rector of ILPD, emphasized the vital role played by the Uganda Law Development Center in ILPD’s evolution. Their collaboration, dating back to 2008, has seen a fruitful exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Muyoboke envisions these discussions as a melting pot of ideas, creating a space for sharing experiences and mutual learning to elevate legal education. He hinted at the possibility of adopting a system similar to Uganda’s bar association exams, streamlining the process for law students in Rwanda.

"As these discussions unfold, each party showcases its strengths, fostering an environment where everyone learns and collectively advances," Dr. Muyoboke remarked.

Frank Ofembi, the Director of Uganda Law Development Center, commended ILPD’s impressive infrastructure and student-centric approach. He applauded ILPD’s organizational prowess and underscored the reciprocal commitment to knowledge sharing and teacher exchanges, aiming to elevate the quality of education in both institutions.

ILPD’s management doesn’t plan to stop at Uganda; their sights are set on reinforcing collaborations with peer institutions in the region.

This international outlook reflects ILPD’s unwavering dedication to enriching legal education and making a positive impact on the legal profession, not just in Rwanda but globally.